To Shoulder the World The World divided

In the summer of 2015 I visited the exhibition "Tegenvoeters" ("antipodes") by the artists Cornelius Rogge and Pjotr Müller in het Stedelijk Museum, Kampen. Specifically the part on 3D printed architecture-studies prints by Pjotr Müller left a big impression on me. With the aid of a 3D-printer he introduced me in a world of worlds, objects which as architectural sculptures resemble macquttes of modern buildings.

Earlier that summer on castle Nijenrode I saw his creations from years gone. Those older objects were handcrafted using wood and paint. Using the 3D-printer he now exceeds this level and the visitor imagines walking in a science fiction town. Most objects can be used as future floorplans for buildings, for churches or for municipal houses. In between there are little squares and I fancy myself the streets on which I stray about to explore this city.

Some of Müllers objects rest on a console like something, but one can also fancy there the legs of a strange animal. I imagined myself an animal walking on three legs while slowly turning around. To add some direction I added an arrow showing the direction to go as if that part was the 'front' of the animal. Once created on my own 3D printer these legs are so strong, almost gigantical, that I expect this animal able to carry the world on its shoulders. Dreaming about this burden and the imaginary city I see a contrast between the human made culture of straight and direct but boring lines and the wild irregular nature. The cultivated side is cold, the nature side is warm. In our world those two are only connected by a bitumen highway.