The Coffee Table project 2014: A coffee table, dimensions 81.5 x 56 x 37 cm. (lxwxh), made from 24 puzzle-like pieces and 4 legs (each 2 pieces), all different and fitting tightly together. This creates a self supporting sturdy construction. No screws, no nails and no glue were used to made this construction possible. The idea for this design is based on pieces of a Jigsaw puzzle and aimed at printing this inside the volume 20x20x20 cm. (the build volume of my 3D-printer) so it can be printed with a regular desktop 3D-printer.

I designed this Coffee Table completely by myself, I was inspired by a few pieces of a puzzle. As I slowly stumbled into 3D-printing world I disliked the clumsy way support is printed and I decided to make something entirely self-supporting

In the overview picture you will see all the pieces of the tabletop as seen from above. The numbers in the layout correspond to the order of how to mount everything. Assembling should be done piece by piece and preferably in the correct order because reversing the order might bring you in stereographic problems. Taking things apart is possible. At a few points I used a smal hammer will a small piece of wood to assemble some of the connections, but most of them snapped in quite easy.

the core tabletop part with the first parts connected part 9 is being assembled, this was one of the most difficult parts to print because of warping intermediate stage with 15 pieces connected, the difficult connection between parts 12 (orange) and 13 (white) works quite well, 15 (red) has been changed later together with 11
work in progress the tabletop is ready! lets have a small party in between
het tafeltje compleet testen of het goed blijft staan the table is ready!
the table from below, the support by each next part is clearly visible detail of the support construction Cheers!
leg with the "W" leg with the "v" leg showing the year 2014
leg with the "D" layout and assembly-order for the tabletop
the first pieces for the legs are ready the tabletop the proud builder and owner

This object has been published first on October 21, 2014 on the website Thingiverse.