the combination of the steel pin (upper part)
with the 3D-print (lower part)
the complete support structure attached
to the bell of the bassclarinet
placeholder for an overview picture


Playing a bassclarinet kan be done in two ways: sitting down or standing up. Sitting is fine while playing in an orchestra or an ensemble, but standing up is better suited for more solistic environments. Standing up however has a problem: the weight of the instrument must be carried by the shoulders. The alternative is using a longer support pin which transfers the weight so the shoulders are relieved. The manufacturers of these type of instruments are not very happy with the longer pins because of the resulting unstability, this does not do the image of the instrument much good. So longer pins are difficult to acquire or mostly completely unavailable. The official advise is to use some harness to carry the weight of the instrument. Which puts the problem back at the shoulders.

For me that is an impossible solution because I cannot handle that weight on my shoulders anymore as a result of an accident. So my only solution is the longer pin and I will have to accept the larger instability. My first step was to realize this longer support pin. Selmer was kind enough to deliver me a slightly longer pin with which I only lacked about 20 cm. in height. I added that with a futuristic looking 3D-print which delivered me both the extra height and the freedom of movement. I still must be very cautious on a slippery floor, but I can play standing up now.

I used a matte black colour which suits the instrument perfectly.