Early in 2013 a new fablab (the "bibliolab") was opened in Lelystad and at that occasion I was first introduced to a 3D-printer. On television I of course had already seen such a device, but here I could see it and touch it. Soon the guys from the fablab started an introductory course and on two saturday afternoons of 2 hours each I learned the basic principles of the 3D-printing process, worked with the software and printed my first "thing".

Later that year I did some small experiments using the fablab machine, talked to other enthousiasts and in 2014 while searching for a hobby I plunged in the deep and decided to buy my own printer. From all the possibilities I choose a Felix machine, the big advantage was the combined workshop in which I assembled my own machine. That gave me the opportunity to learn the placement and function of each bolt and nut and of each individual wire. Two days later I needed that because by not leaving enough space on the filament wire when changing it, the printer came to a grinding halt. Dis-assemble, assemble again, understanding what I did wrong, a good advise of the guys in the fablab and I could go forward again.

During the summer I started with one - I already had a notebook full - of my ideas: I wanted to create things which are useable in the common household. Friends shouted: "A table ?". But why not, a chair is more difficult because it has to have a little comfort sitting on it and as I once experienced the collapse of a chair beneath me, I know how painfull a misconstruction can be. A table was slightly more safe. But as I was restricted by the maximum print-volume of my 3D-printer, I was challenged right away to create something modular. The print-volume of a desktop 3D-printer is about 20 x 20 x 20 cm., so how should I do this? Please lookup the "Coffee Table"-project on this website.

Working modular, using the absolute minimum of support, work outside the boundaries of the machine, those are the typical challenges which trigger me. And I want to create as much as possible - unique - own designs. Of course I see some nice objects with friends, and of course I sometimes also print these to learn from them or just because it is fun. But all the design on my website are created and produced by myself spending much time and energy. Enjoy!